Add Order Status to WooCommerce

Add Order Status to WooCommerce

Have you been in that situation in which a product has been shipped out but from within your WordPress you can’t indicate the correct order status?

We have a solution for you and many order Drop-shippers out there. Through this simple php code you can add the needed order status. The number of status you can add is entirely dependent on your needs.

You can simply use the code below if you need just the essential ones. Please follow the steps as indicated below:

Within your WordPress installation

  1. Go to  Plugins
  2. Search for Code Snippets
  3. Install and Active the plugin
  4. From your WordPress Dashboard Scroll to Snippets
  5. click on Add New
  6. Copy and Paste the following code
  7. Save and Activate the new code snippet you just added
  8.  Refresh your WooCommerce order.


Thanks for following the steps. If you have any difficulty with this, please reach out.

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